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is the oral conveyance of one language into another.

Conference Interpretation

Refers to interpretation required at meetings, conferences and other events. One can distinguish between simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and accompanying interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

means that the interpreter transfers one language into another while the speaker is speaking.

Two or more interpreters sit in a soundproof booth and interpret one language into another via headset and microphone. They usually take turns about every 20 minutes. This mode of interpretation requires the presence of technical equipment as both interpreters and listeners need microphones and headsets.

The advantage of simultaneous interpretation is that it saves time as the speaker does not have to stop and wait for the interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

Refers to the interpretation of a speaker’s words in segments.

That is to say that the speaker will pause every one to three minutes. The interpreter will then transfer the relevant segment into the target language.

No technical equipment is required.

Whispered Interpretation

The interpreter, sitting next or behind the listener, whispers the interpretation simultaneously in the listeners ear.

For small meetings, no technical equipment is required.

Accompanying Interpretation

Refers to interpretation services on the go, for instance when visiting a place like a factory or other. The interpreter accompanies the visitors and interprets what is said either whispered simultaneously or consecutively.

I offer all of the above mentioned forms of interpretation services. In addition, I am happy to provide you with advice regarding intercultural specificities when it comes to dealing with Chinese partners. The correct way of greeting a Chinese delegation, the concept of face, how to handle conflict situations are all examples of important situations where the knowledge of Chinese culture plays a crucial role.

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An interpreter is interpreting simultaneously from within a booth
On an international conference, an interpreter for Chinese plays a crucial role